Shmimcast Episode 04

Patrick Heyn with Host Nick McGee
Shmimcast Studios

The shocking story behind the story - leprechaun's abound!

Founding member of Shmimprov Patrick Heyn shares his beginnings with improv comedy and how he gained the respect of fellow improvers and audiences!  Rare clips from Patrick and Nate's early days at Live Nude People (with Clothes On), UCI's popular Improv team, and a super-rare clip from Improv Shmimprov's first rehearsal ever!

More surprising goodies are in store, including cool and hilarious audio clips from Patrick and Jamie's March Maddness Team: Double Dare!  We also take a quick look at Patrick's contribution to a game we recently performed called Inception, also featuring Nate, Jason and Drew.

... and if you're lucky, you might get a glimpse of those perfect abs!  Enjoy!

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